Hello, I’m Vanessa and welcome to Sew Sew Helpful, a teaching hub for everyone who would like to learn how to sew and use a sewing machine as well as discovering what else it can do.

I was born in Somerset and come from a family of artists and makers, teachers and farmers. Growing up with a mum as a Dressmaker, I spent a lot of time around fabric and in haberdashery shops picking up a passion and knowledge for all things creative.

From a very young age I discovered my love of clothes and remember my favourite past time was to dive into the dressing up box and totter around in heels that were far too big, with an oversized sheepskin coat draped over my shoulders all topped off with a beautiful battered straw hat… and I felt amazing! Our clothing helps to present ourselves to the world, as well as acting as a practical coverup and I have always been driven to be individual with my choices within my home and with my clothing, which sewing allows me to do.

For the past six years I have been teaching adults and children how to sew, as I believe sewing teaches you so much more than just being individual. The benefits of sewing are extraordinary. It teaches Important life skills; patience, skill and wellbeing, engineering, creativity and re-purposing together with appreciation, pride and confidence, all very positive ingredients for a well-balanced human! Teaching has always been a passion of mine which I have found to be very rewarding and fulfilling. I have loved passing on my skills and knowledge to the next generation and building people’s confidence by helping them achieve things they thought that they couldn’t do.

I hope you can join me, and I look forward to getting you started on this really fulfilling journey!