Children's Beginners Course – 6 hours

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This 6 hr beginners children's course is designed to cover all the basic introductory skills in a relaxed and non-pressured way. The course has been carefully structured so that your child will start from the beginning of how to thread a sewing machine and fill a bobbin and gradually build upon their skills and knowledge by making items that demonstrate different skills (Pin Cushion, appliqued cushion with a button, lined tote bag). They will learn how to:
  • Safely use a sewing machine
  • Thread up the machine
  • Fill a bobbin
  • Sew in straight and curved lines
  • Use various stitches - straight, zigzag, decorative
  • Use different feet - standard, buttonhole, overcasting
  • Create a Buttonhole
  • Hand stitch (and sew a few buttons on!)
  • Hem and top stitch
  • Neaten Seams
  • Insert a Lining
  • Applique

And much more about… Types of fabric their uses…techniques… hints and tips…terminology, creativity and construction…

I will travel to you for no additional fee if you are within 10 miles of Stratford-upon-Avon. This course is purchased as a voucher so that we can organise convenient days and also times to suit your child's concentration levels.