One-to-One Adult

One-to-one sessions (maximum of 2 adults aged 18+) give you the opportunity to learn what you would like to at your own speed. They have also become the preferred safer option due to Covid. You may wish to learn with a friend, Son or Daughter (for example) and I am happy to do that too. Would you like help with;

  • Altering Clothes?
  • Using or threading your own overlocker?
  • Using your own sewing machine?
  • Learning how to sew? (using one of our machines).
  • Adapting patterns?
  • Choosing a suitable pattern/style or colour for you?
  • School or College projects?
  • Specific skills such as; zip insertion, buttonholes, smocking, freemachine embroidery etc. etc.
  • Lampshade Making

(Please note if your ideas are not listed above please call and we can chat through your needs and come up with a personal plan :))

Sewing sessions are charged at £36.50 per hour per person and reduce down to £27.50 if you book 10 sessions upfront. You will also receive a discounted price if you bring along an additional person. I travel to your home up to a 15mile radius of Stratford-upon-Avon. If you live outside of this distance I will have to charge extra for fuel at 45p/mile.

Course Booked in hours
1 Adult Student 2 Adult Students (-10%)
£36.50 £65.70
£71.00 £127.80
£103.50 £186.30
£134.00 £241.20
£162.50 £292.50
£189.00 £340.20
7 £213.50 £384.30
8 £236.00 £424.80
9 £256.50 £461.70
£275.00 £495.00


If you are interested in this service, please call Vanessa on: 01789 293 770 or using the contact form and I look forward to helping you out!


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