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Learn to sew or refresh your sewing skills with Sew Sew Helpful. Based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Sew Sew Helpful runs sewing classes for complete beginners and for those that just need a gentle reminder. Courses are held at multiple venues in and around Warwickshire.

With maximum class sizes of six people, you'll always get the time and support needed to develop your sewing skills.

Why Sew?

Sustainability and Repurposing – Our ever-increasing fast fashion industry is adding to our environmental issues and it is evident that society needs to re-address how we treat our planet. Loving clothing is great if we consider how we follow our ideas or the trends without impacting on the world’s resources.

Wellbeing – A fast-paced society doesn’t allow us many opportunities to switch off and slow down, we are drawn to instant gratification to fulfill our mojos. However, this is short-lived and something more nourishing becomes vital for our wellbeing. It’s always fulfilling to learn something new and make something that we are proud of.

Engineering – This works in unison with creativity. Many of us are dominant on one side of the brain and this element teaches us how things are put together and problem solve. This also helps us to appreciate how long things take to make and the skills needed to do so.

Creativity – This works in unison with engineering. You have the choice of what you’d like to make and how it will look. Thinking outside of the box helps to make it all very individual!

Confidence Building – It can be daunting learning something new, but by just taking the plunge you can make beautiful items yourself and be proud of what you have achieved.

Why sew

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